Brake Services

Are you experiencing:

  • Grinding, squealing, screeching when you apply the brake?
  • Brake pedal sinking to the floor?
  • ABS, Anti-lock Brake System, light on?
  • Vibration in the steering wheel when applying the brakes?
  • Pulsation or pull when when you step on the brakes?
  • Burning smell when braking?

If any of these issues sound familiar stop by any of our Pit Stop locations and any of our ASE certified technicians can perform a full brake inspection.

Our brake inspection starts off with the removal of all four wheels. With the wheels off we are able to fully inspect both the front and rear brakes for wear. We look at the brake lining material, hydraulic components, and parking brake system for proper operation.

We have teamed up with our vendors to not only give you the best price, but to give you brake equipment that is both long lasting and quiet.

Whether your brakes need replacement, a clean and adjust, or your brake fluid just needs flushing our trained technicans are ready to make your vehicle as safe as possible.