Fuel System Cleaning

If you are noticing a hesitation, or if your gas mileage is not where it used to be, it may be time to have your fuel system cleaned. Over time components of your fuel system such as the fuel lines, fuel filter, fuel pump, fuel injectors, etc start to accumulate carbon particles and varnish deposits. When this happens you will notice a drop in fuel economy, an engine hesitation, or a loss of power. If you are experiencing any of these issues, it may be time for a thorough fuel system cleaning. Just stop by your local Pit Stop to have us take a look to see if this service would be a benefit to you and your vehicle.

What does a fuel system cleaning entail?

  • Cleaning the fuel system and the internal combustion chamber
  • Adding cleaner to the gas and engine while running – this cleans out the fuel lines, the injectors, and the fuel pump
  • Inserting a different cleaner into your engine after running it – this will remove grime and carbon build up from the combustion chamber
  • Removing varnish deposits on the Injectors by hand with another cleaner – this will improve air flow and efficiency.