Oil Changes

Changing your oil and filter is a crucial part when maintaining your vehicle. Every vehicle as a recommended oil change interval which varies depending on your environment and your driving habits. Our trained experts have the knowledge and information to make sure your vehicle is being kept properly maintained.

We also offer a synthetic oil change which allows the vehicle to go twice as long without changing the oil.  This ensures that your engine is free of sluge, dirt, and other engine wear particles. Diesel oil changes are also avalible for your bigger vehicles.

Here at Pit Stop we not only change your oil and filter, we do a 20 point safety inspection, top off all your fluids, and air up your tires. When you get your oil changed at any of our locations you leave with a oil change sticker in your windshield that serves as a reminder when your next service is. It also gives you a discount off your next oil change!

We are equipped and stocked to handle your oil change regardless of whether your vehicle has a gasoline, hybrid, or diesel engine.

What it entails:

  • Changing the engine oil and filter
  • Lubricating the chassis and body
  • Topping off all your fluid levels
  • Setting all the tire pressures
  • 20 point safety inspection