Shocks & Struts

One of the most over looked part of your suspension system are your shocks and struts. These parts absorb the bulk of your vehicle’s motion so depending on what of driving you do wear can be extreme. Here at Pit Stop we recommend getting your shocks and struts checked once a year or when you experience a rough ride.

Signs that your vehicle may need new shocks or struts:

  • Swerving and loss of control in front end
  • Uncomfortable and bouncy ride
  • Frequent bottoming out


Shocks are what provides your vehicle with the resistance needed whenever your vehicle goes over a bump or when you make a turn. Their job is to absorb the jolts that are sent through the vehicle during rough patches. Without good shocks you’re in for a bumpy ride. Replacing you shocks at any of our Pit Stop Auto Repair Shops will provide a smooth driving experience and minimize impact when your vehicle bounces up and down. 


Struts are what controls the movement of your vehicle’s springs and suspension. They are crucial components when it comes to keeping your tires grounded to the road. If you have bad struts or springs your ride becomes bumpy and in some cases unsafe. Struts work in tandem with your coil springs and in some cases they are combined into one unit. Both work to keep your vehicle’s bouncing to a minimum giving you a more comfortable ride.