Other Services

  • Free Rotation: When you buy four new tires from any of one of our locations you automatically get free life-time rotation. This means that for the life of the tires you can go into any of our Pit Stop Auto Repair Shops and get your tires rotated for free! This is a special we offer to ensure that you are getting the optimal amount of mileage out of your new tires. Just come on in, let us know when you want them rotated, and we will take care of it.
  • Road Hazard Warranty Program: This Pit Stop program provides you with free flat repairs for the usable life of your tire at any of our Pit Stop locations. If your tire is damaged beyond repair and it is within the first 25% of the tire’s tread-life we will replace your tire with a brand new replacement tire for free! The only cost you will be responsible for is paying for the tire’s mounting and balancing. If more than 25% of the tread-life has been used we will provide you with a new replacement tire at a pro-rated price based on the usable tread still remaining on the damaged tire.
  •  Lifetime Balance Program:  Another Pit Stop special is our life-time balancing. This is a one time fee that will entitle you to be able to come into any of our Pit Stop Auto Repair locations and get your tires balanced, free of charge for the life of your tires. Keeping your tires well balanced will ensure the best ride quality possible from your tires as well as reduce wear and tear on your steering and suspension components.
  • Lifetime Alignment Program: Keeping your vehicle aligned makes it easier and safer to drive, as well as prolongs
    the life of your tires. Regular adjustments can keep your vehicle in top shape and increase your driving pleasure. Pit Stop makes keeping up with this maintenance affordable by offering our lifetime alignment policy. When purchased, this policy entitles you to alignments at any one of our Pit Stop locations for as long as you own your car.