Tire Services

  • Mount and Balance: Pit Stop is equipped with machines and technicians that are capable
    of mounting and balancing any size tire.
  • Tire Rotation: Having the same amount of tread on all four tires is important to vehicle performance and the tire life expectancy. Rotating your tires will help keep the ware the same. We recommend having your tires rotated every other oil change. When you buy four new tires with us we offer a free life-time rotation as our way of saying thank you.  
  • Road Force Balancing: Experiencing a vibration? Pit
    Stop has purchased this new, state of the art equipment to provide you with optimal ride quality when you leave our shop. This new balancing equipment not only takes into account tire and wheel run out, but also the tire’s deflection as it rolls
  • Tire Leak Repair: Patching a tire is the safest way to repair a puncture. This process involves dismounting the tire, patching it from the inside, and remounting and balancing. With an adhesive patch and a secondary sealant your tire should hold air as if it were brand new!
  • Four Wheel Alignments: To make sure your vehicle is driving straight and to avoid abnormal tire wear we recommend getting your alignment checked every 6 months or when installing new tires! We also offer a Lifetime Alignment Program to help you keep up with your maintenance while controlling the cost of repairs
  • Tire Brands We Offer: