Warning: Chinese Made Valve Stems

Safety advocates are urging motorists to inspect their valve stems for cracks and to check their tire pressure in the wake of one distributor’s recall of defective valve stems made in China by Shanghai Baolong Industries Co.
As many as 30 million replacement rubber valves stems, imported to the U.S. from China beginning in August 2006, can crack prematurely, causing tires to lose air. Air loss at highway speeds may result in a tire failure and loss-of-control crash. (The valve stem is a rubber tube with a metal valve used to inflate the tire with air.)

Auto safety consultants advise any motorist who has had a tire replaced after July 2006, to immediately have their valves inspected for signs of cracking.

Radial tires do not show signs of underinflation by a visual inspection until they are significantly underinflated, at which point the tire may have sustained irreparable damage. Motorists may not realize that they are driving on tires that are underinflated and overloaded.

The only way to tell if you have a valve stem made by this company is to dismount the tire from the wheel to examine it from the inside.
When the rubber is exposed to high levels of ozone as it is being stressed, surface cracks can appear. High speeds and an unsupportive rim profile allow the rubber valve to flex at a greater angle and may cause these cracks to propagate, leading to a slow leak of air.

Please be sure and bring your vehicle in and allow one of our trained technicians to inspect your vehicle for these faulty valve stems.  Your safety is our concern.


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